Carmen Funebre - reviews

The Observer
An unforgettable dramatisation of war.

The Daily Telegraph
The overall impact is devastating. [more...]

Sunday Express
Literally set the Fringe alight with its spectacular brand of outdoor theatre.

The Scotsman
A masterpiece.

Steven Berkoff in Evening Standard
The Polish company's reaction to the insanity of the war was one of the most compelling pieces of theatre l have ever seen [more...]

The Herald
It is the powerful simplicity of Carmen Funebre's epic indictment of civil war that lingers.

The Guardian
Terrifying and highly recommended.

The Independent
Upsetting, beautiful and completely unmissable.

The Village Voice
Under Pawel Szkotak's direction, Polish company Teatr Biuro Podrozy stage a spectacle reaching beyond history for the eternal, as Polish theater directors (c.f. Tadeusz Kantor) have always done.  

Chicago Sun Times
A haunting view of man's inhumanity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Theatre Forum
Szkotak's theatre successfully re-imagines the traditions of the morality and mystery plays. His form is informed by the experience of the twentieth century—a century of violence, totalitarianism, the Holocaust.

The Hindu
If ever a play made you gasp "Mine eyes dazel", it was Teatr Biuro Podrozy's "Carmen Funebre", or funeral song. Its witchery of passion, pathos and the macabre, merging the real with the surreal, at once brought Webster to mind.   [more...]

El Universal
Loaded with almost deadly authencity.

El Espectador
A contemporary performance created with theatrical skill and the sensitivity of an open nerve – a poetic piece devoid of euphemism.