14 MASKI Theatre Festival 

 2-5 December  2010 Poznań

 2/12: Teatr Biuro Podróży (Poznań) „Planet Lem” – Hala W5 HCP Cegielski, g.19.00

( preview)

 3/12: Norton Commander (Drezden) „Communist-eater”, O.T. Maski , h.19.00

          Androny (Poznań) “ Art. 182 ust. 1-3 kc”, T8D, h. 21.00 (premiere)


 4/12: doc theatre  (Moscow)„One Hour. 18", O.T. Maski , g. 19.00

         Teatr Zielony Wiatrak (Gdańsk) “What Do You Think About It Mr Freud?”, T8D, h. 21.00


 5/12: Ad spectatores (Wrocław) “Nangar Khel,” O.T. Maski , h. 18.00

          Teatr Y (Poznań) “All That Mexico”, Meskalina, h. 20.00 (premiere)



“Maski” Theatre Festival, anually from 1997. Because of its social-political profile it promotes the “engaged theatre” and the performances that diagnose the condition of the contemporary human being in relation to the reality and facts.