Everyone has a different image of Russia. The impressions are composed of memories, books, experiences, presence on the spot. For us, our travels to the East, meetings with people, friendships, observations were the most important inspiration. Anyone who has been to Russia knows that it is impossible to remain indifferent towards it. One cannot review the country with shrugging one`s shoulders. One must take a stance on Russia.
The direct impuls to create the performance were the „Stories of Motherland” by Dmitry Glukhovsky and the conversation with the writer himself in one of Moscow`s restaurants. Although, finally his stories don`t exist in the performance, his spirit accompanied us while working on the show.
We felt the need to speak about Russia, particularly today when the political mirror shapes a new image of Russians, and its imperial dreams evoke fear.



The performance produced by Scena Robocza/Poznań 2015