* macbeth


“Under a juniper tree the bones sang, scattered and shining
We are glad to be scattered, we did little good to each other,
Under a tree in the cool of the day, with the blessing of sand,

Forgetting themselves and each other, united
In the quiet of the desert.”

T.S. Eliot: Ash Wednesday

Who are the people covered in blood? What has the war taught them? Do the cruelties they experienced allow them to sleep peacefully? What will happen when the witches – shaheeds - meet the people covered in blood on their way home? The performance portrays the world of chaos, where the order of nature is replaced by the logic of death. It takes place on the borderline of reality and nightmare, where earthly characters coexist with witches and ghosts.

The performance makes spectacular use of moving set, motorbikes, stilts and fire.


Messages from the Battlefield
Thread of Fate
Macbeth Comes Back from the War
Dreams – Evil Thoughts
Murder Revealed
Killing of Banquo
Wind in the Wood
Funeral Dinner - Coronation
Banquo`s Ghost
Banquo`s Son
Lady Macbeth is Insane
Death Machine
Lady Macbeth`s Suicide

an outdoor performance, comissioned by : Cork European  Capital of Culture 2005 and premiered in Cork, 20-25 of May

Director: Paweł Szkotak
Music: Wiki Nowikow
Design: Teatr Biuro Podróży and Iza Kolka

Macbeth: Michał Kaleta
Lady Macbeth: Barbara Krasińska
Witches I: Barbara Prądzyńska, Marta Strzałko, Piotr Wojtyniak
Witches II: Jarosław Siejkowski, Bartosz Borowski, Tomasz Wrzalik, Łukasz Kowalski
Banquo: Jakub Papuga
Banquo`s Son: Piotr Wojtyniak
Duncan: Tomasz Wrzalik
Messengers: Michał Kaleta, Bartosz Borowski, Jakub Papuga
Adjutant:Piotr Wojtyniak
Guards: Jarosław Siejkowski, Bartosz Borowski
Murderers: Jarosław Siejkowski, Bartosz Borowski
Kings in procession: Barbara Prądzyńska, Marta Strzałko, Bartosz Borowski, Łukasz Kowalski, Jarosław Siejkowski
Servants: Barbara Prądzyńska, Marta Strzałko, Bartosz Borowski, Piotr Wojtyniak, Łukasz Kowalski, Jarosław Siejkowski, Tomasz Wrzalik
Defeated King: Jarosław Siejkowski
Banquo Ghost: Tomasz Wrzalik
Soldier: Filip Maksymiuk
Hecate (mezzosopran): Magdalena Wilczyńska Goś